What is boxing training and how should I take it up?

What is boxing training and how should I take it up?


Boxing is considered a full-body workout because the large groups of muscles are involved during your training and fighting sessions. Also, there is a lot of depression, stress, and anxiety in our lives so a good way to keep yourself away from aggression is to practice boxing. When you hit the gym to attend the boxing class, you are actually activating your endorphins when you hit the punching bag. Most people attend boxing classes in the gym and some of them prefer to practice their boxing skills by staying at home due to pandemics.

So if you are a beginner make sure that before hitting the gym you should be having suitable gym workout clothes that are sweat-wicking and breathable too. Elite sports workout clothes are comfortable and are available at an economical price as well.

There are several health benefits of boxing as well, some of them are mentioned below.

Calorie burner.

Boxing is an intense workout, so it’s a good workout if you want to shred a few kilos. You can burn the fats that are accumulated around your abdomen by practicing boxing, even the most stubborn fats are also burned through an intense boxing workout. According to various research, it has been observed that a boxer can burn around 800 calories in  60 minutes, so boxing helps you to burn lots of calories more than any other workout.

Hand coordination.

Boxing is a workout that requires improved hand coordination. If your eye and hand coordination are good you would be able to punch and react quickly. If your coordination is perfect then a boxer will have a better equilibrium.

Toned muscles.

One of the main advantages of practicing boxing is that you get more toned and bigger muscles. Your large groups of muscles are utilized at one time, so boxing engages vast muscle groups, also the muscles of your core, biceps, and shoulders get toned. Also if the boxer wants to improve his punching power, speed, hand, and eye coordination along with muscular endurance he practices several boxing techniques.

Technique to practise to become a boxer.

There are certain techniques that you can practice to become a boxer. A few of these techniques are mentioned below.

Working on the heavy bag.

When you hit the punching bag, you are engaging most of your body muscles. Also if you punch on the bag your core muscles get stronger as well. Your defensive techniques get improved when you consistently train on the punching bag. Another advantage of working on the punching bag is that you don’t need a partner to throw punches. While you are practicing on the punching bag you must punch for at least 3 minutes followed by some rest as well.

If you want to hit the boxing club make sure before joining the boxing classes you should be having the appropriate gym gear first. Elite sports gym workout attires are durable, stretchable, and are available at pocket-friendly prices.

Boxing Footwork drills.

By practicing footwork drills a boxer has control over his/her equilibrium, the well-trained boxer is capable of moving his/her opponent without losing balance, so you must practice boxing footwork to have control over your opponent. There are certain exercises which help you to improve your footwork. These exercises include jumping rope, box jumping, observation and analysis, shadow boxing, and also practicing various types of dance.


Shadowboxing should become an essential part of your training because you tend to learn about the defensive, footwork along with head movements. In shadowboxing, you execute the punches in the air, (standing in front of the mirror). It’s convenient and you can perform it anywhere at home as well. It’s also an excellent workout through which you can burn calories and also can improve your muscular endurance. If you are determined and passionate about boxing you must practice shadow boxing for at least half an hour every day.

Focus on squats and deadlifts too.

Squats and deadlifts are compound exercises in which your body weight is utilized to enhance the size of your muscles and increase endurance. If you want to train like a boxer you need to incorporate these exercises in your workout plan. You can boost up your boxing performance by practicing squats, push-ups, pull-ups, and deadlifts as well.

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