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Tis the Season Gift Giving Guide

Thanksgiving passed nearly 2 weeks ago, which means it’s shopping time. For worse or worst the meaning of Christmas has essentially become a jettison point for people to spend money on new products. With the proliferation of the Internet, shopping has never been easier! Gone are the days of spending endless hours comparing products and researching reviews. With Internet shopping you can avoid the crowds! You can read every review imaginable and the click o the button. However, you can also spend quite a bit without realizing it!

Here is a gift guide for each type of person:



Scenarios 1 and 2: This is probably the easiest as not much should be expected from a kid. Since you most likely don’t possess an income you will have to be creative. Offering to do extra chores around the house in addition to making a card and give thanks. Ideally something you created.

Scenario 3: Now that you have a job and income you should probably be a little more conscious of the thoughtfulness aspects of Christmas. For your father some socks and a multi-tool is usually a solid option, something useful in the end. If you’re on a budget a picture frame with a picture of you and your mom will do just fine.

Scenario 4: Making something using your creativity is the ideal way to go for most daughters, as women tend to be more creative and thoughtful when it comes to gift giving. Maybe get tickets to a concert or sporting event that you and your dad will enjoy. For your mother the same approach is recommended as in scenario 3.

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Scenario 5: For your daughter it’s best to consult blogs and such given the nature of things: Here is one link.

Scenario 6: Should be relatively easy, as most kids need an iPad these days for school courses. If you already have an iPad you can always trade one in and get some extra cash for the added expense of Christmas. You can always buy refurbished iPads as well and older generation iPads are pretty affordable these days.

Scenarios 7 & 8: Again with teenagers a good bet is always the newest or hottest phone. What you may not know is that you can confiscate their old iPhones and trade them in to get a nice ‘rebate’ back!

Scenario 9: Okay you two are (should be) madly in love so you should probably buy something more sentimental. So for men it’s very easy Jewelry. Find her birthstone and put it on a gold or silver chain with a special engraving. Again shouldn’t be too hard. For your man I nice watch should do the trick. Something to wear with a 3-piece suit is usually a safe bet.

Scenario 10: Now what gift says, “I love you just the way you are” like buying exercise equipment for the significant other? Now obviously this is tricky business, as you should tread lightly as those of us who could be in better shape are most likely very aware of it. Getting a gym membership is probably cheaper than purchasing an expensive workout machine like a treadmill or an elliptical. However, the convenience factor of having a machine in your house means you will probably get more use out of it!

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