Learn How To Do A Snake Braid Hair Style – Unique Braid Technique


The snake braid hair Style is one of my new favourite hairstyles. It’s a unique braid that looks complicated but is really very easy to create. I have worn this look to fancy parties and also to a casual get together with my friends.

The snake braid is so versatile and is sure to get your friends talking about how awesome your hair looks! Whenever I have worn this braid I have received so many compliments. People are intrigued by how different this look is.

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I recently created a short video to show how I incorporated the snake braid into a half updo in under ten minutes! But, I wanted to create this how-to article as well.

I did this look with straight hair but I have also tried it with curly hair (which makes this style look a little fancier)

Here are The 3 Things You Will Need to Snake Braid Hair Style:

  • About 10 Bobby pins (depending upon how thick your hair is)
  • Teasing Comb
  • Hairspray (Aussie Instant Freeze)

Here are my 6 simple steps to complete this look like Snake Braid Hair Style:

Step One:

Take a section of hair, about just behind your bangs and backcomb the hair. To tease the hair, take small sections (hold the end with one hand, if you are right-handed you will hold with your left hand) and using a comb brush the hair towards your head. Hairspray this section and continue until you have reached the desired volume.

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Step Two:

Smooth the top layer of hair (that you just teased) out until there are no bumps.

Step Three:

The next step is to take a section of hair (near your ear) and braid it toward the back of your head until you have almost reached the end.

Step Four:

Now you are going to hold the two outside strands of the braid in one hand and the middle strand in the other. Push the two outside strands up until you have reached the desired length. For this hairstyle, I made the braid long enough to be pinned near the back of my head.

Step Five:

The last step to the braid is bobby pinning it at the back of the head. For a better hold crisscross the bobby pins.

Now you will repeat steps three through five on the other side of your head.

Step Six:

Bobby pin the back of the hair to hold the volume and you are finished!

Final Words for Snake Braid Hair Style

The snake braid half updo is an easy and adorable look for any occasion. If you are like me and like to try new hairstyles this is such a fun one. This braid is not something that everyone has seen. You are sure to get people to notice you!

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