Warm up with Yoga!

Most North Americans have heard about Yoga, an exercise form that is becoming more and more popular across America and Canada. To this is added the benefits of what is now known as hot yoga. It is performed in a room that is climate controlled to a temperature of 37º C. Consider a Caribbean Island on a hot day and that is about where the room temperature is acclimatized.

Of course, this acclimation is achieved with the use of green type energy to affirm the natural ideas and movements behind Yoga. In this case, it is called Hot Yoga. One of the benefits of Hot Yoga is that the body works out into a deep sweat that creates natural detoxification of the skin. You are flushing out toxins.

In tandem with this, the heart rate goes up, which creates a cardiovascular workout that forces the body to work harder. The heated room allows for the muscles to move freer which sets up the body to be more flexible in the workout, created more flexibility in your joints and muscles. By default, this will be putting a more defined tone in your body and create a higher level of endurance.

If you happen to have an asthma diagnosis, doing hot Yoga will actually increase your breathing ability that can help to combat the effects of asthma. The enhanced breathing ability helps your mind with better focusing and mental concentration abilities.

Hot Yoga is becoming popular enough that many different styles have emerged. As a result, it comes with some caution. You can get hurt doing hot Yoga. Lack of proper instruction can create injuries. So it is best to learn the “do’s and do not’s” of hot Yoga. So the best advice is to get a qualified instructor to help you learn this exercise form properly and guide you to your limits.

At the end of the day, Yoga teaches you many things, including the ability to embrace your sweat and allow it to flow for a purpose. Now, if you were to couple this Hot Yoga form of exercise with a substantially healthy diet, you have the makings of a well-managed weight program and a full and exciting life experience.

Consider Hot Yoga as an alternative to your busy and hectic lifestyle for mental health, relaxation, and fitness. Don’t forget a healthy diet with products from Nashua Nutrition is just as important to complement this Maybe this could be added as one of your New Year’s resolutions to a better life.

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