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Top 13 Weight Loss Gear & Equipment to Hit Your Goals at Home

In order to get the energy to have an active and healthy life, it is important to take care of our bodies thought exercise. Some people prefer to do running and biking to stay in shape, but unfortunately it is not enough to build muscle, boost metabolism and keep you toned. However, getting access to machines and equipment at gym can be very expensive.

Home gym is the best solution and it allows you to perform a full-body workout from the comfort of your own home. Except saving a significant amount of money, you will not have to wait for someone to finish their set on a particular piece of equipment you want to use and it offers you the freedom to exercise your body when you want and wear whatever you feel like when you are working out.

If you want to hit your goals and lose weight at home, it is absolutely necessary to be aware about the best weight loos gear and equipment. Below we will introduce you top 13 weight loos gear and equipment to help you with your goals.

  1. Rowing machine

Rowing machines can build and tone muscles, strengthen cardiovascular function, and improve your endurance. It is a great way to burn calories and if the main goal is weight loss, then you must make it as a part of your regular fitness. Rowing is also a good solution for people with back and joint problems.

  1. Air bike

Air bikes have a few features that make them a bit different from stationary bikes. First of all, resistance can be created by you, making it the perfect piece of equipment for your home gym if you are focused on high-intensity interval training. On the other hand, you can also push/pull with your arms while you move, providing an upper body workout as well.

  1. Elliptical machine

The gliding motion of elliptical machine allows people with joint issues and back pain to work up a sweat without throwing their body out of place. Ellipticals lend themselves well to multitasking, so if you want to read or watch while you exercise, this is a great addition to your home gym.

  1. Treadmill

And of course, running is always a workout and having a treadmill in your home gym can allow you to run in regardless of Mother Nature behavior.

  1. Adjustable dumbbells

Dumbbells are one of the most famous pieces of equipment and we recommend you to get adjustable dumbbells in order to have access to free weights. For beginners it is a great feature that allows you to vary your workouts and continue to challenge yourself as you get stronger, rather than having to buy a new set of weights every time.

  1. Weight-lifting bench

If you want to get a full workout in with your free weights, it is helpful to have a bench that allows you to switch positions while keeping proper form.

  1. Medicine balls

For those who enjoy a machine-free workout, medicine balls are a valuable asset. Plan a workout of lunges, squats, sit ups, curls and you can get your whole body involved without jumping from machine to sweat-covered machine at an overcrowded gym.

  1. Exercise mat

Having a comfortable, reliable exercise mat is important for anyone trying to start a regular yoga regiment. It is also a great surface for ab work, pushups and your workout stretches.

  1. Foam roller

Once you get into the swing of your regular workout routine, you will experience some soreness on your off days. Foam roller will help relieve that pain, roll out knots and tight muscles.

  1. Pull up bar

Pull ups are tough, but if you set up a pull up bar in a doorway of your home and make a point to do as many as you can each time you walk through, you will find improvement comes quicker than expected.

  1. Jump rope

Probably you have not picked up a jump rope since elementary school, but if you are looking for a cheap, portable way to get your blood flowing quickly, a jump rope is a solid investment. Ten minutes of continuous jumps is the equivalent of about 30 minutes of running, so if you are having difficulty fitting time for cardio into your schedule, this could be your solution.

  1. Ab wheel

An ab wheel is a great way to mix up your core routine and flatten out your stomach. But you must be careful, because if you jump too quickly and too far into ab work, you might not be able to move the next day.

  1. Elliptical trainer

If you are interested in the low-impact cardio offered by elliptical machines, but don’t have the space or money, elliptical trainer is a nice alternative. Maintaining your balance forces you to engage your core while pumping your legs.

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