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Tips for fighting acne prone skin

Acne is a very common and serious issue among teenagers. It not only affects teenagers but also affects after the puberty age has passed. Nobody likes the new pimples and acne coming on the skin every other day sand acne marks that make the skin appear even worse.

In this article, we will cover how you can treat your acne-prone skin and how you can deal with your acne to get clear skin.

Don’t pick your skin:

The most common mistakes we make when we see any acne, blackhead, or whitehead, so try to pop it out to get rid of that. But have you ever wondered your hands with which you are picking your acne are not clean, they are full of bacteria and germs and they can make your skin even more vulnerable for acne and many new pimples/acne appear near that affected area?

Never pick your skin, no matter the hard your heart and mind say because it will cause more damage to the skin and will leave acne marks on the skin that usually requires 1-2 years to fade.

Cleanse and Moisturize your skin:

If you are a college or university who carries light make-up in the university days, then there is a lot of dirt accumulated on the face throughout the day. The dirt, SPF, and makeup products damage your skin if you don’t take care of ut properly, so cleanser your skin with a good skin cleanser. It’s better to double cleanse your skin, as it will decrease pore size, remove excess makeup, SPF and dirt from your skin.

Clean skin usually has lesser chances of getting acne. The most important and basic skincare steps are to moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer, even oily skin needs a moisturizer.THelceansers and exfoliators usually dry out our skin and our skin glands produce more oil and sebum to overcompensate it and skin gets oily and prone to acne. It’s better to use some oil-based moisturizer.

Introduce serums in your skincare routine:

The use of different serums has a specific role in fighting acne, blemishing skin suits, and reducing acne marks.

Use a cleanser having salicylic acid. It helps to shed dead cells from the skin, decreases redness and inflammation.

Niacinamide is also good for the skin. It help’s to reduce the pores, reduces skin spots, and balances the oil on the skin.

Serums having vitamin C or ascorbic acid are very helpful for hyperpigmentation due to melanin. The action of this serum is very severe so you should check this serum in your skin as it may not suit your skin.

Use serums based on their ingredients and avoid skincare products having SPF, preservatives, fragrances, and alcohol.

Exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliate your skin at least two to three times a week. Exfoliation also removes the dead skin layer from the skin and improves the texture of your skin and gives glow and g=frshness on y9our skin. 

Avoid using scrub-based exfoliates and they may dry out your skin, use oil-based exfoliants for best results and moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer or lotion.

Avoid junk food and sugar:

Junk food contains a lot of fats. oil and cholesterol that damages your skin. To maintain glowing and clear skin you should avoid eating oily food which includes chips, pizza, burgers, and food fried in oil.

Cut off sugar from your diet to make your skin clear and free from acne. Avoid eating cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, or other dairy products for less acne. On the contrary, drink more water, fruits, and vegetables, drink fresh juices, and introduce salads to your diet. ads in your diet.


For getting clear and acne-free skin, pay attention to what you are eating gin the whole day and applying it to your skin. Sometimes using substandard products on your skin can damage your skin and causes redness and inflammation on the face. Focus on your lifestyle, sleep, food, and healthy diet, and avoid taking stress.

If you have other hormonal issues or have acne-prone skin for a long ti9me, it’s better to consult a dermatologist rather than experimenting on your skin with different products, Remember that your skin is an asset, never compromise on it and take care of it very well as clear and fresh skin grooms the personality of the person.

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