Tips for COVID-19 prevention


Today World is in a pandemic situation. COVID-19 hits all over the world. It affects very badly in every area of the world. It causes more than 3 million deaths which are increasing day by day. Coronavirus spreads through the air, in contact with others, and by touching anything.

Take some tips to protect yourself in COVID-19 and others around you.

  • Don’t have to touch your face while you are outside.
  • Clean your hands.
  • You have to take care when close to any patients.
  • Take some distance with others.

There is a vaccine for coronavirus that has hit the market. You have to get vaccinated as soon as possible to normalize your life. There are some tips you have to follow which may give you prevention from the coronavirus. It is the best way to stay away from the COVID-19.

Always wear a mask During COVID-19:

You are in a pandemic situation which is very dangerous. You always have to wear a mask. All people 2 years and older must have to wear a mask and stay healthy. After wearing a mask, you must have to make a distance from others. If your family member is infected. They should take precautions, including wearing a mask, to avoid spreading the infection to others. You should cover your nose and mouth. After wearing a mask you have to be sure you can breathe easily.

Always make a distance with others:

In this pandemic COVID-19, you have to make a distance from others. When you are outside the home, make a  distance of 6 feet or 2 meters. If anyone has a cough or sneeze you don’t have to go close to that person because that person may be infected with the coronavirus. Always keep a thing in mind, anyone without symptoms may have coronavirus. If anyone gets seriously ill, you have to stay away from that person.

Keep yourself clean in COVID-19:

You have to keep yourself clean. It will be helpful for preventing the virus. You have to wash your hands with sanitizer or soap for about 20 seconds. Check your sanitizer, it has to be more than 60% alcohol. You have to avoid touching things and also don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with dirty hands. Always keep yourself clean, it helps you to stay away from the coronavirus.

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Don’t touch anything:

Coronavirus can stay at any surface for 72 hours. You can get it from everywhere. You don’t have to touch any type of surface. Also don’t touch any part of your faces like your nose, mouth, and eyes, and also don’t eat your fingernails. It may give a chance for coronavirus to go into your body.

Don’t go in public places or gather in groups:

When you are in a group or in a meeting or you may come close to making contact with others, it is very dangerous for you. You may have chances to get coronavirus. You also have to avoid going outside. The virus may get you from food, dishes, and cups. It will be good for you if you don’t go outside. It will prevent you from the virus.

Get vaccinated:

You have to get vaccinated as soon as possible. A licensed vaccine can give you protection against the COVID-19. After being fully vaccinated you should do anything that you are not doing due to the pandemic. After vaccination, your life is going on the way to normalize. It gives you peace of mind, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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You have seen some tips that can prevent you from the coronavirus. If you follow these you may not catch the virus. It will help you to take precautions in times of pandemics.

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