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Tips For Choosing A Rehab Facility To Help A Family Member

When a family member or a loved one falls into a destructive habit, it falls on you to help them get back up. Without emotional support, an already challenging path to recovery becomes even more complicated. Therefore, to provide the best care, you must seek assistance from the right group of professionals.

A recent National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics report shows that nearly 37 million Americans over 12 years old engaged in substance abuse. This nationwide prevalence is a huge medical concern, primarily because of its implications on an individual’s physical and mental health. Without immediate interventions, this problem can manifest into a severe illness from which recovery might become impossible. But while this issue is widespread, so are its available treatment options.

Rehabilitation centers are healthcare facilities that offer their patients various therapies that allow them to let go of certain dependencies. This place is where your family member will spend a significant portion of their time to get better and be at their most vulnerable. So, you must choose a facility that can cater to their needs and offer them the necessary comfort.

To better help you choose, here are seven tips that can come in handy.

Make sure it’s licensed and certified

Although there are several rehab centers across the country, not all of these conform to the regulations and policies of a standard healthcare clinic. And without a governing or regulatory body to monitor the facility’s workflows, there’s no way of guaranteeing the effectiveness and safety of its treatment programs. On the contrary, a certified center ensures a standard of care and provides quality services to withhold its license. For example, if you choose the Palm Beach Institute, you’ll be satisfied having your family member in their care, knowing they’re accredited by the Joint Commission.

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Before deciding, conduct thorough research to learn about the facility’s credentials. You can’t base a critical decision like this on a whim or convenience; you need all the evidence you can get to back your choice.

Choose an ideal location

Picking the right location is another essential factor you must consider when deciding on a rehab facility. For some people, being close to their home and loved ones positively impacts recovery as it offers them emotional support, knowing the family is close by.

However, a nearby location also means they’ll be near an environment that got them into destructive habits in the first place. Triggers that may encourage or tempt a user to get involved in these patterns can prolong recovery and might even make it ineffective. Think long and hard about which of these options is most suitable for your loved one, then pick a place based on its location.

Find out if they provide the relevant program

Most rehab centers offer various treatment programs that provide adequate patient care. Specific regimens or therapies work well for some people but not others. Therefore, it is essential to find one that works most effectively for your family member and ensure your ideal rehab center offers it. For example, if you take your child to seek help for compulsive behavior, you might learn they respond better to inpatient services. But the rehab center you took them to doesn’t offer such services. In that case, picking this facility for a recovery program is pointless.

Rehabilitation centers often list treatment programs on their websites or other social media platforms. Consulting these can prove incredibly beneficial when looking to narrow down your options and find one that fits your criteria.

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Know the treatment duration

Treatment durations vary depending on the regimen your loved one is on and how well they respond to the said program. Based on your loved one’s responsibilities and routine activities, you must decide if the offered treatment duration will work in their best interest.

Knowing the course of a therapy program is a vital deciding factor. This is because some rehab centers may require the patient to take a month (or more) off work when they can’t afford to. While it’s crucial they seek treatment for their behavioral patterns, you don’t want to disrupt their lifestyle even more and negate whatever progress they make.

Learn about the staff’s qualifications

When a loved one has to undergo surgery, family members ensure they seek out the finest surgeons and healthcare teams to handle the case. Since it’s a matter of their health, you don’t want to compromise in any way and want to ensure they receive the best quality care.

Rehabilitation treatment services are no different. When picking an ideal facility, you must thoroughly research the qualifications and credentials of the staff and healthcare professionals working there. Without the relevant experience and skills, you can’t risk admitting someone under their supervision.

Besides their qualifications, the staff’s communication and interpersonal skills can also significantly contribute to how well or poorly someone responds to treatment. If the doctors and nurses are harsh with their recommendations and counseling, all the degrees will be for nothing if their patient’s mental health is compromised.

Check if your insurance covers it

In the United States, healthcare services are one of the most expensive resources worldwide. Without a proper insurance plan, it’s nearly impossible for an average citizen to cover basic medical costs, let alone rehab recovery treatment. Therefore, searching for a rehab facility that is part of your insurance network can help you significant money than if you pick one from outside the network. The difference in expenses can quickly amount to thousands of dollars.

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Representatives at rehab centers and information help desks can provide you with all the necessary information regarding your insurance options. By opting for cost-effective treatment options, you can truly focus on the recovery process rather than worrying about the finances you’d have to incur.

Give special consideration to customized treatment plans

Rehab facilities typically offer a generic treatment program. Although they’re effective in treating various addictions and illnesses, very few offers specialized therapeutic regimens. Depending on how worse your loved one’s health concern has gotten, a standard or universal course might not be as effective. Therefore, if you come across a rehab center that offers customized treatment plans, or specializes in the program most relevant for you, consider this option carefully.


Recovering from a compulsive habit is a long and challenging process. If your family member is ready to seek help, you must provide them with an option that most likely works for them. With so many rehab facilities, follow these tips to pick one that is well-recognized, ideally located, staffs qualified people, and offers excellent services.

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