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The best Fitness & Weight loss program for Males on the Internet

Yes, you read it right! today you are going to go through an article representing a fitness program which is the most effective for male Fitness and Weight loss. This is true that there are thousands of other so-called “Fitness Gurus” on the internet making enough money by selling their fitness programs which teaches you nothing new even they don’t motivates you to follow their structured fitness plan because they have nothing new to introduce.

The best Fitness program online, we are talking about is Adonis Golden Ratio creation of John Barber. A well-known word-class expert in physiology, biology and nutrition. He is highly recognized personality in the word of bodybuilding and weight loss, and introduced multiple products for both male and female.



  • What Adonis Golden Ratio is all about?

Adonis Golden Ratio is a workout plan and a nutrition program which is represented as the Perfect Body Formula. The program aims to lead you to achieve a V-Shaped, narrow waist and broad shouldered physique which every single guy dreams of. Adonis Golden Ratio doesn’t claim any shortcuts towards achieving your fitness goals, Its a complete unique, well designed, hardworking, step by step fitness program which give astonishing results if followed properly. AGR was declared as “THE PERFECT BODY FORMULA” in Men’s health magazine.


AGR provides:

  • Well-structured guidelines for workouts and nutrition.
  • Simple and Easy to use nutrition calculator, workout templates, and meal plans. Workouts may be difficult for complete beginners.
  • Very effective to lose weight and get into shape.
  • Very responsive team support of experts via Emails and Forums.
  • Very affordable onetime payment of $37 for Life time access.
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AGR basically is the combination of three different workout, nutrition and supplementation plans, which leads an individual to achieve Fat Loss, Muscle Gain or Fat Loss with appropriate Muscle Gain. As mentioned on AGR is designed for men who have the goal of both burning fat and building muscle for a natural strong fit look. It’s the look of a lean fitness model with a beach ready body vs a bulky heavy bodybuilder. The characteristics which makes it “The Best Fitness Program on the Internet” are:

  • Instructional Videos.
  • The program keeps you on the track to achieve the ideal ratio.
  • Nutrition Software
  • Meal Plans
  • Access to experts and community
  • Bonuses
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee within 2 months if you can’t follow the plan.

AGR system demonstrates different chapters and every chapter is followed by a success story along with pictures and interviews, which really motivates you to follow the routine towards your success. I already mentioned that to acquire your desired body shape you need to be persistent, and such motivation supports to get consistency. The book begins with the introduction of Adonis Golden Ratio and what it is all about, there is a John Barban’s theory of Ideal Proportion that an individual should focus on to attain beautiful look. By achieving this ratio you move more closer towards your goal.


From Barban’s theory of Ideal proportion the AGR program takes you to the Nutrition Software which helps you to achieve this ideal ratio. This comprehensive nutritional guide will advise you how to improve and customize your diet to your own personal ‘Adonis Index’. It’s also a kind of push button easy to use, you enter your body dimensions into the nutrition software which sets weekly target for you to follow. As you proceed further with the program you will gain a better understanding of how your body responds

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You see, how nice and informative this fitness program is that it makes you capable of teaching other as well. In short I could be said as this software makes you similar to a Fitness guru.


Adonis Golden Ratio system also suggests some beneficial supplements and their use in order to get faster results. It is not necessary that you go for supplementation, AGR program itself is enough for you to achieve the desired state of your body.


The fitness plan contains AWESOME meal plan for the full 84 days. Providing you with what to have in breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. What ingredients you will need to consume and grocery list as well? There are total 9 meal plans with 504 meal ideas for each meal plan. So isn’t it great.

  • You will get super extra BONUSES!!!

In such a low price, you will get excellent bonuses as well which is completely crazy. Firstly, as mentioned above that once purchase ADONIS GOLDEN RATIO, you gets a life time access to this brilliant fitness program. Extra Bonuses Includes:

  • Guide to maximize your testosterone
  • An extra 4 weeks manual for Abs and Arms shaper.
  • You will be acknowledged by the techniques and tricks that real bodybuilding professionals use before stepping into their competition.
  • Specifically designed for males who can’t do weightlifting for years to see the results.
  • Step-by-step guide line for both the exercise and nutrition routine.
  • Video Demonstration to make your task easier.
  • Completely customized nutrition plan.
  • Purchased through ClickBank, where you get a free 60 days refund guarantee.
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  • Designed for aesthetics, not strength
  • Not enough focus on lower body
  • Exaggerated claims in the sales videos.


Name: Adonis Golden Ratio
Official Website:
Price: $37 one time payment
Creators: John Barban and Kyle Leon
Overall Rank: 97/100 A+
Guarantee: Full Reimbursement within 60 days of purchase

I don’t believe that $37 is any big amount to get the primary goal of your Life. Even it is far better than spending hundreds of dollars in purchasing the membership of a GYM with no proper schedule and guidelines.



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