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Selling Nutraceuticals the Right Way

In today’s world health is a massive industry. No matter where you are you will always find Health clubs, Gyms and Fitness centres. People visit these organizations only for one thing, and that is to ensure good health.

It is not easy to run fitness business multiple reasons make this business to be surprisingly tricky. Having said that let’s look at the brighter side and try to identify what additional elements can be embedded in your fitness business that will help you to generate massive wealth and profit.

Apart from embedding Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba and Pilates you can also start upselling nutraceuticals at your gym or fitness center. Nutraceutical products come with a massive margin of profit. Sellers make anything between 20% to 50% profit if they sell a pack of whey protein or amino acid. Statista projected the global nutraceutical sales to reach approximately 67 billion USD. This figure has gone much higher now.

Source Statistic: Market size of nutraceuticals worldwide in 2016, by category (in billion U.S. dollars) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

In this article, I will be telling you how you can project yourself as a fantastic nutraceutical seller and also generate maximum revenue from it. Let’s go step by step and talk about first thing first

Nutraceutical Product line

It is incredibly vital for you to choose the correct nutraceutical product line. What may work for a 20-year-old individual might not work well for 45 years old individual. One product may be legal to sell in the United States but maybe illegal to sell in the European Union. Business owners must identify the customer base. You can do this quickly by looking at the people who visit your Gym every day. If you see a lot of youngsters visit your Gym every day, then choose products which are perfect for youngsters. If you see a lot of seniors visit you then select products which are ideal for seniors.

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Brand your gym for nutraceutical sales.

Many nutraceutical companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing. These companies may be pleased to brand a section of your gym. They will be happy to provide you marketing material and also offer you are custom made product display section. You can use this product display section to display the products and attract buyers. You do not have to go out to sell the nutraceutical products. People who visit your game would ask you directly. All you have to do do it to display the products and accept payments.

Accepting payments for nutraceutical sales

Let me tell you nutraceutical sales is highly revenue generating, but it can create problems for startups. The reason for the problem is this industry is considered to be a high risk industry. Many online nutraceutical sellers have been selling nutraceutical products on the trial, continuity or recurring basis. Merchant account providers and payment service providers do not prefer to work with trial accounts. They may easily approve a Point of Sales or POS Terminal for Card Present sales, but they will find it extremely challenging to allow you to process transactions online in card not present scenario(CNP). Having said that you can still find many high risk merchant account providers. These payment providers may be interested in onboarding you and helping you with the payment processing solution.

Free of cost nutraceutical products.

If you are great in marketing, you can use your marketing skills to convince the nutraceutical manufacturing company to offer you some free of cost items. You can create a fantastic membership opportunity wherein every new member gets to try one nutraceutical sample. It will help you to generate more membership for your gym or fitness center and also will help you to gain new customers for your nutraceutical sales

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Bankim Chandra who works for Quadrapay ( wrote this article. He writes extensively on the Internet about high risk merchant accounts. You can contact him on

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