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When people hear the term blood sugar, they usually think of diabetes but there are warning signs long before diabetes develops. The signs are just ignored until the point the body begins to give up and diabetes results and how to cure diabetes naturally with natural food.

Due to poor diet, for years in most cases, the warning signs were just considered normal because they weren’t affecting lifestyle too much and the body also becomes desensitized after constant abuse. Like alcohol, too much once in a while won’t kill you, but too much poor diet every day for years will definitely leave its mark on your level of health.

The warning signs before diabetes develops are usually symptoms of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance begins from too much food/drink in the diet that constantly raises blood sugar levels.

Even if a person doesn’t develop diabetes, they can have symptoms such as constant fatigue, always thirsty, losing/gaining weight without a big change in diet and many other symptoms related to blood sugar fluctuations.

Constantly raising blood sugar levels makes the insulin receptors on the cells become more insensitive to insulin. The body makes more insulin to try to make up for this. As the insensitivity increases, insulin production increases more, causing less efficient absorption of nutrients into cells.

The body requires a very narrow range of blood sugar levels for optimum absorption of nutrients. The over production of insulin causes the pancreas to overwork to produce the excess insulin and usually the pancreas is also tired due to overwork from enzyme production.

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Enzymes are required to digest all the food we eat. The modern type diet that many people eat results in the pancreas having to work extra hard to produce enzymes for digestion.

Normal cooking completely destroys the enzymes present in raw foods. Raw foods and some foods cooked at lower temperatures have enzymes that help to digest food and lighten the load on the whole digestive system, including the pancreas. Pancreas fatigue is a big factor in developing diabetes.

Reversing diabetes requires rebuilding the damage to the body – not just eating healthier.

There has been some damage to the whole digestive system and that’s what the symptoms are telling you.

The insulin receptors on the cells needs a chance to return to normal so that they will respond to normal amounts of insulin. This will increase nutrient absorption into the cells, and the pancreas can return to normal insulin production.

With prolonged high blood sugar levels, the pancreas gets tired and eventually gives up, no longer able to produce the high amounts of insulin the body is asking for.

This is when diabetes type 2 turns into diabetes type 1.

You can control type 1 to a certain degree, but you cannot reverse it completely – you need insulin injections for the rest of your life.

Also, type 1 diabetes is a silent but deadly killer.

This stage can bring things such as kidney failure, blindness, amputations, and many other health problems such as slow healing and also incomplete healing – open sores.

With type 1 diabetes, the cells are dying much quicker, speeding up the aging and the degeneration process.

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A healthier diet is essential and there are specialized herbs for diabetes that can help to correct it much quicker.  Click here to see an all-natural Doctor recommended natural diabetes treatment.

The pancreas can recover quite well if given the right diet, along with some concentrated herbs to improve the whole digestive system. One good way to start easing the load on the pancreas is by taking a good digestive enzyme along with a good probiotic.

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