Is Yerba Mate Paleo Friendly?


Yerba Mate is an herbal tea which is made in the way of steeping the dry twigs and leaves from a Mate plant in water that is not boiling but close to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Health Benefits Of Yerba Mate On The Paleo Diet

Yerba Mate can definitely be consumed when following the Paleo diet. This tea is backed by a number of proven health advantages. Similar to many other teas, Yerba Mate is loaded with minerals and vitamins which include most of the B vitamins and Vitamin C. It is also an outstanding source for antioxidants, that is extremely helpful when it comes to keeping inflammation levels low, boosting cognitive function onto immune health.

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Theobromine Vs. Caffeine

Yerba Mate has increased in popularity over the years due to its supposed abilities to produce caffeine-like energy boosts. One of the main drawcards is that it does not produce the negative effects that caffeine does like the jitters. Unlike the majority of herbal teas, Yerba Mate is not free from caffeine but does include high theobromine levels, which is believed to prevent the jitters.

For many people that rely on coffee in the morning to get their day started, Yerba Mate offers a beneficial substitute which is full of antioxidants and polyphenols. Yerba Mate also has a unique yet delicious flavor which is similar to black tea. In South America, Yerba Mate is an extremely popular drink, and many people use the benefits that caffeine in Yerba Mate offers. They consume Yerba Mate in the same way that many people drink their coffee in North America.

Some Of The Stand Out Health Benefits Of Yerba Mate

It makes sense not to drink a tea that you are not comfortable with. Leaves from the ilex paraguariensis plant are what is used to produce Yerba Mate. For many years it was mainly used for its exceptional medicinal purposes. Yet today, it has increased in popularity as a healthy social beverage which is compatible with many diets which include the Paleo diet.

In addition, Yerba Mate offers a similar stimulation benefit type like caffeine will. This means it will give you that added boost when you first wake up, and it also offers anti-inflammatory aspects such as turmeric.

The Drawbacks Of Switching To Yerba Mate

Similar to all products on the market, there are a few drawbacks to switching completely to consuming only Yerba Mate tea. This is due to aromatic hydrocarbons present in the tea which are also present in tobacco and charred food-items. For some people, this may pose risks.

You also need to be aware of how these herbs are grown and where they are sourced from. Anything that’s grown in an environment that is heavy in metals such as aluminum or lead is harmful when ingested especially over extended periods.

But before you decide that Yerba Mate is not something you would like to add into your diet, the lead concentration average present in most Yerba Mate products is under half the amount of what is considered nationally. In addition, the EPA (environmental protection agency) has listed it safe in association with drinking water. In fact, most people are consuming much worse things on a daily basis. Coffee is also made using water which is why they are more than likely to contain the very same toxins.

On the upside of this, Yerba Mate is very high in a variety of antioxidants, that offer cancer-fighting agents which are great for overall health. Like anything, it is about making sure you use the tea in moderation.

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