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How to Get Started with a Career in Health and Wellness

If you are ambitious, energized, and motivated to help others then you can do this by pursuing your career in the wellness and health care sector. If you like the medical field and want to become a philanthropist, then a lot of careers are waiting for you. Just choose the one that seems most interesting and comfortable for you. Apart from traditional nursing, MBBS, BDS, or ALH degree programs, there is a vast world of other health and wellness courses. So, being tired of traditional work, why not do something different and exciting. It provides you an opportunity to do extraordinary work in ordinary posts. Countless additional opportunities are available for you in this field, what you need is to make the exact decision.

Several online or on-campus courses are available for you in this regard. And the people who are going to strive for vacancies in this field should aim to improve the quality of life of individuals, leading to the development of a better community through the dynamic professions of this field.

Skills needed:

The purpose of mentioning the above courses is to develop a certain set of skills needed for this job. There is no Gender discrimination or other problems. The set of skills needed for eligibility criteria of a receptionist include:

  • Good literacy (capability to understand patients and office language)
  • Multitasking abilities
  • Effective communication skills
  • Data Entry
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Management
  • Organizational abilities
  • Healthcare Experience
  • Bilingual (In case you are dealing with clients from various regions)
  • Proof reading and finding details
  • Professional behavior

Let us explore the health care positions and career opportunities:

Medical receptionist

As a medical receptionist, one needs to take responsibility for general administration duties in a medical care center. They need to have a pleasant communicating nature and greet patients with a refreshing smile. Their job descriptions include:

  • to book the appointment schedules
  • manage cash and payment section
  • do negotiations in payments as directed
  • monitor stock levels and equipment supplies
  • Organize special consultant for patients’ consultation
  • Keep patient information confidential
  • Fax, mail, and scan documents

How to become a medical receptionist?

Particularly, no certain or exact education is required to become a medical receptionist. But a set of certain refined skills and talent is needed to perform tasks. The company may require a high school diploma or GCSE (General Certificate For Secondary Education) certificate or a training certificate from the institution.

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For instance, Medical reception course (on-campus) can be done from various institutions depending upon your area. It is a short course that can last up to 148 hours or 10-15 days. Sometimes, the institution you are willing to join has its training courses to train the employee according to their required JDs ( job descriptions.)

Similarly, if you are living in a remote area and cannot take classes physically. Don’t worry, other online medical receptionist courses that can be considered for this career includes :

  • Certificate III in Health Administration
  • Certificate IV in Health Administration
  • Certificate III in Business Administration Administration (medical)
  • Diploma of Practice Management
  • Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance

If you are facing a financial problem regarding the fee of a medical receptionist course online don’t worry. Based on financial conditions, one can be offered medical receptionist courses in Australia under certain circumstances.

Personal Trainer

The trend of keeping a personal trainer is increasing day by day. The personal trainers have strong expertise and are well-versed in practice and strength upbringing but that’s not their only specialty. With compatible education and certain courses, they just start their journey as a personal trainer. The professionals need to understand the thicks and thin of clients’ or patients’ problems. Only then they can provide long-term health and wellness by teaching them to manage their stress, keep their body in regular shape, proper exercise (i.e increasing athletic performance), healthy diet plans, quit smoking, and alcoholism (if required), and achieve other health targets. Various exercises include yoga, meditation, stability ball training, horse stance, prenatal fitness, etc.

Here are the jobs that can be pursued as a personal trainer:

Sports Team Trainer

As a personal trainer, one can become a Sports Team Trainer. This will provide an opportunity to seek and acknowledge further aspects of sports’ mania. For instance, being appointed as a coach or physical therapist, of a motorbike racers team, you can help their members in controlling nerves and boost stamina in cross-training activities. In this way, they can protect their muscles from overtraining.

Workshop Facilitator

It can conduct impactful and practical workshops on a certain aspect and spread awareness. It’s a way of engaging clients at your institution such as in a wellness center or gum. You can motivate people to practically improve their body and mind by using various handouts also.

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Injury Rehabilitation Specialist

It can work in a hospital and also in the client’s home. It is a healthy activity of helping the client in regaining its previous healthy state after an injury, accident, or trauma. It includes the use of various therapies that are conducted by the specialist.

Personal Trainer

 It will work on one person or a small group of people who have a common health goal to achieve. They all will pay him individually for their training in the personal training class. A personal trainer, just like a rehabilitation specialist, can also come to your home to train you. It can assist you in building a long-term relationship and interpreting the clients’ mentality at the next level. Also, the schedule is made incompatible with the trainers’ and customers’ common compatible schedules.

You can also do your work virtually through personal training online apps by working as an employee and getting an online fee.

Athletic team Coach

They train the whole group of athletes belonging to the same class. In this position, the trainer needs to have strong interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, a high level of creativity and interpretation skills, and flexibility in temperament. The trainer needs to be an expert and fully acknowledged. He should know which exercises are needed and in which proportion of time interval. For instance, sudden cramps, muscle conditioning, circuit training, etc need expertise training. So, experience also counts a lot in this field. For instance, he should have leadership qualities to control the whole group and bring synchronization in class.

Fitness writer/director/instructor

After gaining experience and learning from Personal training courses, a trainer can also become a fitness writer by writing articles, blogs, or making notes for others to conduct courses classes, and workshops. Extreme creativity and inner spirit are the topmost requirements. And he can earn to no bounds through this profession.

Wellness director

At a fitness center, gym, or by making your gym, you can work as a wellness director and help your clients to mold themselves into perfect BMR (body-mass ratio) beings. You can groom them through a healthy path of yoga and exercises, diet plans.

How to pursue a Personal Training Career:

To become a personal trainer, besides natural skills such as creativity, strong interpersonal skills, communication guts, and other qualities, one needs to get a certificate through various personal training courses online. Personal training courses in Australia are available at a very low fee virtually and on-campus at a very low cost. You can get the certificate and learn many things from there. Learning personal training courses online or on-campus both are effective. The only thing you need is to pay attention and learn keenly.

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Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are needed for the accomplishment of many tasks in a dental specialist’s office. The job descriptions vary depending upon the employer’s needs and certification, training, and experience of the employee. Some common job descriptions of a dental assistant include:

  • Sterilization and maintenance of instrument supplies
  • Payments and cash taking responsibilities
  • Helping the Dentist during procedures
  • Managing patient records and keeping information confidential
  • Taking phone calls and scheduling the appointments for patients with dentist
  • Assuring proper stocking of supplies
  • Processing x-rays and analyzing basic casualties
  • Spreading awareness related to oral care in patients
  • Wielding the suction horse during procedures

How to become a Dental Assistant?

You can become a dental assistant by passing the Certified Dental Assistant Exam or accomplishing a dental assistant course after the GES education. For a part-time job, this is enough. But if you want to pursue your career as a whole in this field then you should learn and achieve.

  • Dental x-ray certification
  • IT training to perform a variety of tasks on the computer
  • Certificate in dental hygiene program
  • Certification in accredited and customized dental assisting program

TAFE courses

A vocational education and training provider TAFE NSW in os offers various programs at very low cost online and on-campus. You can also apply for TAFE courses in Australia. These online courses can help you in achieving your goals and aims in the field of health and wellness and other simple business administration process. Similarly, cert 3 childcare is also a course after which you can become a toddler trainer and also a baby sitter that is easy to do the job. Even if you have an Australian Nationality, or you are a citizen of New Zealand then under certain low financial conditions and criteria, you can seek free online courses in Australia. So it is important for you.

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