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how to buy good coconut sugar

Dear all Organic Coconut Sugar lovers, in the next few weeks we will teach you how to buy good organic coconut sugars in few series.

We will reveal some of the industry hidden secrets.
This is part of our customer education. Please make sure to follow our instagram @organic.coconut.sugar and get the whole series. And pelase do share to your friends and love ones.

About the product

  • Keraton Organic Coconut Sugar originates from the lush landscape in Java island of the Indonesian archipelago.
  • A fully integrated company working direct with thousands of farmers.
  • We implement FAIR TRADE, improve local farmers earning and pay tributes to their proud farming heritage
  • Organic, Non GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Halal and HACCP certified, Keraton Coconut Sugar is a premium natural sweetener.
  • 100% made by evaporating the fresh coconut nectar to provide low GI and nourishing sweetness to the discerning consumer

Product description

Keratons Organic Coconut Sugar originates from the lush Javanese landscape of the Indonesian archipelago. It pays tribute to the regions proud farming heritage and integrates this with modern standards of quality control.Crisp and delectably fragrant, Keratons Organic Coconut Sugar is a premium natural sweetener devoid of any chemicals or additives. It is wholly made by evaporating the sap which is freshly harvested from the flowers of coconut trees.

In this natural form, Keratons Organic Coconut Sugar has a low Glycemic Index (GI) and provides nourishing sweetness to the discerning consumer, serving as an invaluable alternative to refined and artificial sweeteners.

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Now avaiable online in USA:

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