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Hi, my name is Jean Marc Kabey and im from Congo in Africa i’m a graduating student at Philander smith College in Little Rock Arkansas. And i’m looking for help to pay for my tuition fee to cover the 2017-2018 academic year! Because I lost my scholarship due to some stressful family issues, I couldn’t focus in school! I’ve tried the student loan but i don’t qualify for that because i don’t have a co-signer but mostly because i’m not a US citizen and my credit score is poor!I have a job on campus but it doesn’t pay much and I use that money to pay my rent. Right now I’m on my own and I’m asking for your help to achieve the amout of 15000$ so I could get my degree! Im a computer science major and I plan on go to grad school to gain more experience and late be a computer Programer , I’m a talented and very friendly person and I like to help other people. Right know I found myself in a really bad spot and im askig for your help, please don’t turn me down! I Would Be Most Thankful IF SOMBODY PLEASE HELP ME

Thank you

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