Gyms are (really) back in fashion again!

It almost seems as though there is a war going on where the battle for fitness and good health is concerned. Not so long ago it was enough for us to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day in order for us to stay healthy. Today that is not the case and exercise is high on everybody’s agenda where maintaining a healthy lifestyle is concerned. Part of the reason for this seems to be what is being referred to as an epidemic of diabetes and in particular type II diabetes. This illness seems to have its roots lie in the overconsumption of heavily sugared drinks and food, as well as sweets.
Part of the problem, although labelled a lifestyle choice, is more a reflection of the way it is more usual we spend our spare time. There are certainly concerns over a lack of exercise being taken by the younger generation, the result of which seems to be an increasing number of severely overweight schoolchildren. This situation is not helped by the fact that pastimes of choice for young children tend to be IT-orientated, and here we are talking about playing computer games or spending time on Facebook, neither of which can be classed as anything other than sedentary.
However, what you will notice today is that a number of young adults who, on leaving school and an environment where insufficient emphasis has been placed on exercise, now find themselves joining a local gym where not only they, but also a good number of their friends, now go, particularly early in the evening. Three or four years ago this would have been unlikely to happen because gym memberships were notoriously high and had a reputation for being extremely difficult to cancel. Today it is different as a number of people have begun to realise that there is still a heavily untapped market where gyms are concerned, and that is the one which is not targeted at the well-salaried executive but more the type of people who are happy with no-frills exercise and who go to the gym not to be pampered, but to get fit and healthy.
We have noticed a considerable increase in demand for commercial gym equipment here at Kustom Kit Gym Equipment, not so much from the major chains but more from individual and one-off gyms that are sprouting up all over the UK. Clearly this is very good news for us, but it is also great news for anybody and everybody who is finally beginning to get the message that the only effective way to manage your weight, health and fitness, is to eat sensibly and exercise regularly.
So if you have a business or entrepreneurial nature, now might be a great time to contact us here at Kustom Kit Gym Equipment in Wrington, near Bristol, and we will be more than happy to share our experience with you and advise you both on the amount and type of commercial gym equipment that would enable you to open a gym and offer the most appropriate top-quality gym equipment to any of your members.

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