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Delicious Ways to Incorporate Raw Honey into Your Daily Diet

Enjoy Endless Health Benefits from Nature’s Tastiest Golden Treasure

If incorporated properly into daily diets, consuming natural, raw honey has shown to offer numerous health benefits in addition to greatly enhancing the flavor and texture of a wide variety of dishes. By sticking to non-GMO, unfiltered organic honey as nature intended, we are opening ourselves up to a whole world of health benefits that require little to no effort to attain. By using enhanced products such as Oley Hemp’s OH! Raw Honey with CBD, consumers enjoy even greater benefits and flavor. Below are just a few simple ways to easily incorporate raw CBD honey into your daily diet.

Raw Honey By The Spoonful

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating a spoonful of honey. As you have probably already observed, honey is loaded with antioxidants, helps with inflammation, improves gut health, and provides a boost of energy. A tablespoon of honey contains about 64 calories, so when enjoyed in moderation, half a spoon to be exact, there is nothing wrong with adding this delightful treat to your daily diet, so long as you stick with organic products made from responsible brands that care about your health as much as you do.

Honey lemonade

A glass of warm water, juice of half a lemon, and a teaspoon of honey is a fantastic way to cleanse the stomach, fight sickness, improve gut health, and help lose weight by controlling cravings. Easily enjoyed at any time of day, warm honey lemonade is an easy beverage to make and introduces a rich mixture of fiber and pectin into the system that your body will most certainly thank you for.

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Breakfast time

Raw honey goes with almost every breakfast food you can think of: Toast, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, yogurt, a bowl of fruit, and the list goes on and on. The energy-boosting properties of honey (through its heavy amount of glucose and fructose) are a
a fantastic way to start the day, and will help set and stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Ranch dressing? Nope. Honey dressing.

This one is a little less common, but raw honey actually works very well as a healthy alternative to traditional salad dressings. For salads with avocado, cucumbers, spinach, or tomatoes, it also works well specifically when mixed with a bit of salt and pepper, vinegar, or mustard. Wow, your dinner guests with a unique dressing they will absolutely not forget.

The perfect marinade

If you have never thought of using honey to marinate fish or other meats, think again! When combined with other traditional marinade ingredients such as vinegar, lime or lemon juice, or citrus fruits, raw honey adds a special texturing effect to the tenderizing process. It also helps lock in the zesty moisture that makes meat-based dishes so wonderful to experience.

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