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D-ONE Next-Gen Performance & Recovery Sportswear

Italian sportswear brand Deewear has launched a new line of compression garments which have been treated with ‘Graphene Plus’ coating technology, supplied by graphene producer Directa Plus.
The new ‘D-ONE’ collection is said to combine postural compression with the performance enhancement properties of graphene – a substance just one molecule thick and 200 times stronger than steel.
D-ONE consists of three technical layers – an inner layer coated in the G+ technology, an external layer of smart compression fabric, and a middle layer which provides muscle articulation and postural support.

The G+ coating layer is said to provide the garments with thermoregulation and anti-odour properties, as well as protection against ultraviolet rays. Directa says it achieves this without the use of any chemicals as it is natural, chemical-free and certified as non-toxic.
Meanwhile, the outer layer consists of nylon and elastane, which are combined to create an “open honeycomb structure”. This allows for seamless production, while providing extra comfort through a second-skin effect, breathability, freshness and hygiene.
In the advanced versions of the garments, there is an additional layer that has been designed based on “deep analysis of biomechanics to provide localised support and compressions” – to enhance circulation and postural support.

“Running and doing sports is wonderful, but it puts a lot of stress on articulations and bone structure,” explains Paolo Bucciol, Deewear’s founder and CEO.

“We asked several biomechanics experts how it would be possible to combine sports performance with muscle and articulation protection, using innovative materials, beginning with G+ graphene.”
Giulio Cesareo, Chief Executive Officer of Directa Plus, added: “We are pleased to see the launch of D-ONE. Deewear is a young and dynamic company with a vision of creating the most advanced compression sportswear and enhance athletic performance, which perfectly matches the abilities G+.”

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The new collection includes short sleeve t-shirts and leggings, which are available as a ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ versions and in different sizes and as a male or female fit, specifically tailored to address the different requirements of the male and female body structure.

Now available on Indiegogo:

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