Bodybuilding Doesn’t Have To Be All-Or-Nothing

Bodybuilding gets a bad rap from all the steroid and growth hormone abusers that end up looking like the incredible hulk. The person with muscles so large they look like a lab experiment (and in many ways they are) isn’t the only type of bodybuilding, it is only on extreme variation. There are ways anyone can use bodybuilding principals to increase their health and mix up their gym routine.

At it’s core the meaning of bodybuilding is quite simple; it is to simply “build” the “body”. So if you do Crossfit, Yogo, or even just crunches every once and a while you are actually participating in bodybuilding and you don’t even know it! Combining working out with weights as advocated at Skinny Yoked, with supplements and a healthy diet are sure to take everyone’s fitness to the next level, from novice to advanced, everyone can improve their physiques and feel better!

Before you begin gaining lean mass and adding muscle like a champ there are a few things you’ll need. First, you’ll want to add some supplements to your daily diet. To build muscle you need to eat your weight’s worth of protein (in grams) every day! So, if you don’t feel like eating a chicken breast every half hour then you’ll probably want to purchase some protein powder. Additional beneficial supplements include fish oil and multivitamins to keep the body healthy and strong enough to A.) complete tough workouts and then to B.) heal itself afterwards.

In addition to diet you need to incorporate a serious workout regime into your daily routine if you want to change your body chemistry and really look how you’ve always wanted to look. Workout routines can be simple in nature as long as they hit all major muscle groups and also involve some sort of cardiovascular training as well. Try a week or two at your local fitness center. Often times chain gyms have limited time discounts during holidays and many even offer personal training consultations, which would kill two birds with one stone.

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In the end, don’t let yourself be scared off by all these huge bodybuilders that look like monsters. It’s ok to be skinny and strong and you can build up your muscles at your own time and your own pace to a level you feel comfortable with. Follow educational resources and gym blogs like the Skinny Yoked lifestyle blog at to keep up to date on exercise, supplements and other things you can do to up your gym game.

Now quite wasting time reading articles on your computer and get out there and start achieving your dreams!

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