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A Bodybuilder Review of Mega Men Multivitamin

What Is Mega Men?

Mega Men Multivitamins is the name of a group of multivitamin products that contain ingredients for improving the overall health and physical performance of males. The Mega Men product has been available for over twenty years now. There are many versions of Mega Men that are designed to enhance the health of men. This writing will focus on the Mega Men products that are made to increase the stamina and performance of male bodybuilders.

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The main claims of this product are that Mega Men is supposed to be better than most average multi-vitamin formulas available. On the shiny black box packaging of the most popular pill style product, you will see the features:

Physician Endorsed
• Time Release Caplets
• Clinically Studied Multivitamin
• Antioxidants
• Heart
• Immune

The ideal version of this multivitamin for bodybuilders is the Mega Men Multivitamin Sport single pill formula, its features are:

• Muscle function
• Physician Endorsed
• Time Release Caplets
• Clinically Studied Multivitamin
• Antioxidants

When looking into Mega Men Sport, there are quite a few choices of what can be purchased. There is a choice of the bottles of 28, 90, or 180 identical pills/caplets, two types of powder drink mixes, or a box that contain thirty plastic packs containing five different pills/caplets. The box with the plastic pill packs is called the Mega Men Sport Vitapak Program with a clinically studied multivitamin. This Vitapak Program also makes the claim of increasing an athlete’s performance, energy, blood flow, and recovery. The Vitapak product is the most expensive choice but seems to promise the most positive impact to suit a bodybuilder’s needs.

There is one version of Mega Men Sport that includes five separate packs of a powder drink mix. This least-expensive version also includes ten grams of protein for muscle support and recovery. A larger, but more expensive version of the powder drink mix is available in a 2.57-pound plastic jar. The larger powder product also includes ten grams of protein. Since most bodybuilders consume some sort of protein drink after a workout, the Mega Men Sport powder products can be another alternative to drinking a separate protein drink. Bodybuilders could possibly save more money from buying one of the Mega Men Multivitamin Sport powder formulas to gain the benefits of multivitamins and protein together and stop paying the extra money for their old protein powder.

For many years, bodybuilders have been searching for better supplements. Most of the time is spent searching for a supplement that contributes to increased muscle mass. Most products aren’t for sale for more than a year or two. A product isn’t always discontinued because that product underperforms. Some testosterone boosting supplements became banned, but many actually worked for many bodybuilders. If Mega Men products have been available for almost twenty years, one may believe that there must be something in this product that really benefits bodybuilders and most healthy men.

Manufacturer of Mega Men Multivitamin

The Mega Men product is sold by a familiar nutritional retail store and many online websites. This company sells a variety of nutritional product brands. Some of the product brands that this company sells are made by third-party contract manufacturers. The Mega Men brand is one of six other proprietary brands, belonging to the company. Most people living in populated areas of the United States are aware of this nutritional supplement store

This company also has an online website that offers price discounts to membership holders. There are store franchises that are established outside of the United States. The company that owns the Mega Men name, also claims that most of the ingredients are lab-tested for effectiveness. This company still manufactures many of their own products.

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How Mega Men Works

Mega Men multivitamin works similar to other multivitamin formulas. Since bodybuilding places, such a high demand on our bodies, the high amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other special ingredients replenish much of our body’s nutritional needs. Each recommended dose contains one hundred per cent-or more-of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins. The caplets are time-released, meaning that your body should absorb the ingredients consistently throughout the day.

Ingredients of Mega Men Multivitamin

On the (amount per serving) label of the Mega Men Sport pill bottle you will see some interesting things:

• Vitamin D 400%
• Vitamin B-1 3333%
• Vitamin B-2 2941%
• Vitamin B-6 2500%
• Vitamin B-12 833%
• Zinc 167%
• Pantothenic Acid 500%
• Selenium 286%

Advantages of Mega Men Multivitamin

The claim that Mega Men Sport helps with endurance makes sense. The tremendous dosage of B vitamins has been known to boost energy levels. If you haven’t eaten enough green vegetables, whole grains, dairy, or meats then the high amounts of the B vitamins in Mega Men Sport should have you covered. A lack of vitamin B in bodybuilders can cause weakness and fatigue.

The high level of Zinc in Mega Men Sport helps to increase or maintain testosterone levels in men. Zinc also keeps your immune system strong. After a hard and heavy workout, your body’s immune system gets taxed severely. Your thyroid benefits from Zinc by keeping your metabolism healthy to burn calories properly.
There is a high amount of Pantothenic Acid in Mega Men Sport. This is also known historically as B5. This acid helps your body use fats, carbohydrates, and proteins as energy sources. You will eliminate fat storage with Pantothenic Acid.

Selenium is found in high amounts inside of Mega Men Sport. Muscular weakness and fatigue are signs of a lack of selenium. This ingredient is known as an antioxidant. You can also find selenium in foods like dairy products, grains, meat, and fish. There is research that shows selenium can help protein synthesis in the muscle growth of children and bodybuilders.

Certificates For Mega Men Multivitamin

A claim has been made for the tested effectiveness of Mega Men products. This is supposed to be a clinically studied multivitamin. There are at least thirty clinically studied ingredients for every version of Mega Men. Please remember that these types of statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. As far as finding publically disclosed information for Mega Men, it is almost impossible.

Testimonials of Mega Men Multivitamin

(Review 1)

When I first began bodybuilding in the summer of 1995, I can still remember getting a 2 for 1 deal for the original version of the Mega Men single pill formula. I kept one jar for myself and gave the other jar to my father, who was around fifty years of age and I was still in my early twenties. We both followed the recommended directions for consuming the pills. Back then, I worked ten-hour days and went to the health club every other day, always feeling tired from my job. My workouts began to be more productive because I still remember having a slight increase in my stamina.

There are antioxidants and B vitamins in Mega Men, which could have helped with my increase in energy. As for my middle-aged father, who is an active person but never exercises, he seemed to gain some benefits from Mega Men also. I remember when he asked if I could find another bottle of this multivitamin for him. He claimed that he had more energy, but wondered why his urine turned a bright green colour. This seems to happen when taking most multivitamin formulas I remember telling him.
To me, it seems like there are some endurance and energy benefits that are caused by taking Mega Men on a regular basis. This stuff has been around for years.

(Review 2)

The real test for a supplement like this, in my opinion, is the question of how many years has the reviewer really taken the product for. For me, it’s been over six years and still going strong. I’ve found many sites on the internet that offer better deals. Just be sure to ask about the expiration dates of the product before you buy. I don’t really get any special benefits from Mega Men sport, I only know that it’s peace of mind for my health.

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(Review 3)

The certified personnel trainer I use recommended this multivitamin to me. I’m not too thrilled about the odour of the pills. But, I do feel much more energy than I need for the gruelling workouts. I’ll put up with the pill smell for that.

(Review 4)

For me, this is the right multivitamin. I’ve been taking the Sport version for years and still work out daily. This is better for me than taking a caffeine-filled pill that would make me too jittery. I just feel a smoother added energy. I also think that Mega Men sport has kept my immune system in shape since I haven’t had a serious cold in over five years.

(Review 5)

I’m not too sure why my pee turns into a green colour when taking this. My diet habits aren’t the best, so I take Mega Men Sport to hopefully fill in the gaps where my diet is missing. I can’t honestly say if these pills really work as they claim or not.

(Review 6)

Are these vitamins good for your body? I would say yes to that. Do these pills really boost your energy level? Well…I haven’t noticed too much of a difference in my body. Maybe the pills need to be taken for more than two weeks to notice anything. We’ll see.

(Review 7)

These pills are really hard to swallow for me. But when getting past that issue, I have noticed an increase in my energy. If you don’t concentrate while swallowing the pills, there’s a good chance of choking.

(Review 8)

Too much vitamin A in the pills gave me headaches. You really need to drink more water as your body tries to process the extra doses of vitamins and minerals. Mega Men Sport seems to have worked well for a few people I work out with within the gym though.

(Review 9)

Originally I took Animal Pak for supplementing my vitamins and minerals. Because of the cost difference, I switched to Mega Men Sport. I liked Animal Pak better, but these are just vitamins to me. I believe that Mega Men made me break out with acne. In my opinion, every bodybuilder who really works out with intensity needs some kind of multivitamin to keep their body in shape.

(Review 10)

I bought this as a gift for my husband who bodybuilds. For the last 2 years, he has asked me to buy him more bottles. He never really tells me what is so good about Mega men, but it must be working for him.

(Review 11)

I’ve taken Mega Men Sport for many years. After trying many different multivitamin brands, they seemed to always make my stomach upset or queasy. This isn’t an issue with Mega Men. The Sport version seems to be focused on gaining more energy. There is a bad smell and taste to the pills, but I haven’t noticed any side effects yet.

Even though it hasn’t been proven that multivitamins will extend one’s life, I do really feel more energy than if I had stopped taking Mega Men sport. The bottle that has one hundred eighty pills will last me a few months.

(Review 12)

Even though there’s a lot of research that says vitamins don’t help, these pills have always made me feel better. It’s impossible for scientists to know if someone actually feels good or not. I’ve done research on mega men, and see that this is a well-made multivitamin.


This product is priced reasonably and works well for me. My immune system, vitality, and energy have been better since taking this. It covers all of the areas for good health. I’ve even noticed that I’ve had fewer muscular aches and pains.

(Review 14)

There’s a lot of people who put down the makers of mega men. I’ve tried many other multi’s and finally switched back to mega men. If I don’t take these for one day, I noticed having less energy. I’ve also seen good reviews for this multivitamin in a few magazines.

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Awards & Media Coverage

Awards for multivitamins and for Mega Men are hard to find online. However, when researching the top-ten list of men’s multivitamins, the Mega Men brand is always listed in most top-ten comparisons on bodybuilding and nutrition-related websites. There is the factor that Mega Men is created for men, most women will not consider this multivitamin. There are multivitamins that are created for men and women to consume.

Money-back Guarantee

The Mega Men multivitamin brand can be returned within thirty days for a full refund. The product can be returned used, or unused, as long as all of the original packaging and paperwork is sent back. There are some guidelines that must be followed. It seems as if the company that owns the Mega Men brand really stands behind their products. This product can be purchased through other websites and auction sites, but there is always the risk of non-compliance, and not receiving a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with your Mega Men product purchase.


The shipping policy of the main retail store of Mega Men says that any order from their website will be shipped to the designated purchaser’s address falling within the company’s guidelines. All purchases from the company’s website are made pursuant to a shipment contract. If there are any damaged or lost shipments, the customer is responsible for contacting the main retailer of Mega Men.

Customer Support

The main retailer’s website of Mega Men is chock-full of helpful information. You will find website articles with frequently asked questions. There is a contact form on their website that asks for a name, phone number, and item number. The company’s customer service department can be contacted by phone also.

Safe & Secure Checkout

Checking out an order of Mega Men is safe and secure because the website’s shopping cart check out system uses an industry-standard encryption protocol. This is known as (SSL), which will keep your order information secure. There is a Secure Shopping Guarantee for every website order with this company. There is liability coverage of up to fifty dollars if your bank holds you responsible for any fraudulent charges.


The Mega Men product seems to be a valuable supplement that should be included in a bodybuilder’s diet. Many nationally recognized health experts recommend that a healthy adult’s nutrition should come from foods by eating a balanced diet. As a bodybuilder, I realized that gaining any edge to gain endurance and continue building muscle with the aid of a dietary supplement is always a wise choice. It is easy to see that there is an increase in energy with the majority of people who have taken Mega Men multivitamins.

Pros of Mega Men Multivitamin

The positive side of the Mega Men product is, to begin with, it is a supplement that has been available for many years. There is evidence that many people are repeat buyers of this multivitamin, look at the product reviews as proof. Mega Men contains a high amount of B vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are beneficial to males. The claim of increased energy can be justified because many people have purchased other B vitamin brands to gain an increase in energy and stamina.

Cons of Mega Men Multivitamin

A few of the negative aspects of Mega Men would have to begin with the difficulty of many people swallowing the caplets. Many multivitamins have been known to make strange urine colours after ingesting them, Mega Men is no different. There have been many claims from people knowledgeable of nutrition that say most of a multivitamin is not absorbed by the body.

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