August 26, 2016

As far as New Year resolutions go, you’re pretty determined to stick them out. That’s why you were so successful last year, when you committed yourself to a year of eating well and exercising often. Twelve months of ...
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June 23rd, Troy, Michigan – For Immediate Release – The latest Yoga Study shows that 17% of yoga practitioners in the USA are men. So why is all of the yoga gear too small for them? A new ...
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Yes, you read it right! today you are going to go through an article representing a fitness program which is the most effective for male Fitness and Weight loss. This is true that there are thousands of other ...
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Women Boxing Together At Gym
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Boxing is both a combat sport and a martial art in which two (2) players throw punches at each other, normally with gloved hands. The main goal is to weaken and knock down the opponent. Boxing is also ...
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April showers might bring May flowers, but they can also put a damper on your morning jog. Fortunately, there are many indoor exercises you can do to stay fit when the rain is pouring. Planks The idea behind ...
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In order to acquire the best results and stay fit, you need to take care of your body at all times. The best way you can do such a thing is to obviously perform a lot of sport ...
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Did you know that the number of marathons and running events in the US reached an all-time high in 2015? There were 28,000 events in all, proving that America really is an active nation! Whether you are new ...
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UK CHARITY LAUNCHES TO HELP BREAST CANCER SUFFERERS IN POVERTY STRICKEN COUNTRIES ACROSS THE GLOBE Immediate Release: The first UK-based breast cancer charity aimed at raising awareness and providing support to breast cancer patients in developing countries launched ...
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Astrology is a way of divination which uses historical understanding of the heavens to let you know about yourself and all elements of your lifetime. To comprehend how this is so, it may be useful to ponder on ...
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